Natural Gas - A clean & green fuel

Touted to be the fuel of the 21st century, Natural Gas (NG) is an environment friendly, efficient and economical fuel that is used for varied applications in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Currently, NG is mainly used for cooking, water and space heating, power and steam generation, furnace, hot air
generation and as feedstock for fertilizer. NG is used as a fuel for automotive sector in compressed form (CNG).

A colorless, odorless, non-toxic, inflammable and lighter than air fuel, NG is  nothing but a mixture of hydrocarbons consisting of approximately 80% to 90% methane. NG is an established clean and green fuel and is predominantly being used in most of the major cities of the world. In India, usage of NG has been growing at a fast pace and consumption is expected to increase to 25%
by 2025 from the present 9%.

Benefits of Natural Gas

The combustible mixture of Natural gas and air does not ignite, if the mixture is leaner than 5% or richer than 15% of the air fuel ratio required for ignition.

Distribution of Natural Gas

Natural Gas is transported and supplied to the consumer's premises through an extensive
pipeline network that is based on the Main Steel Pipeline that brings the gas from the source to the city. The gas, commonly known as Piped Natural Gas (PNG), is routed via smaller pipes to homes, offices, stores, factories and all major demand centers in the city. Along the steel network, CNG stations are located, where NG is compressed and distributed to vehicles as a fuel. Pressure regulators maintain the requisite pressure in the pipeline. Metering device installed in the customer's premises records the units of gas consumed by the user based on which invoicing is done.