Domestic PNG

Domestic customers use Natural Gas for cooking purpose and also for heating water through gas geysers. Adani Gas believes it has high growth potential in this segment. NG, supplied through pipelines, is rapidly replacing LPG gas cylinders among residential consumers.

PNG connection

Given below is a standard domestic PNG connection. Move your mouse over the dots to understand the connection parts.

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Meter Regulator

Meter regulator reduces the pressure form 110 mBarg to 21 mBarg. It is capable of shutting down the supply in case of any large leakage.


The meter is placed outsfde the customer's premises as deemed technically correct.The meter measures the consumption of gas in volumetric terms in cubic meters (m3). The last three digits of meter displayed are in red and indicate one thousandth of a cubic meter. For your reference about 16 cubic metre of Natural Gas is equivalent to one LPG cylinder of 14.2 kgs. Quaralty of heat produced by Natural Gas depends on average temperature,average pressufe and the calorific value content of the gas.

Meter Control Valve

Meter Control Valve is fined in each house at the entry point. In case of suspiclon of leakage, this has to be shut off immediately. In case of non use of premise or gas for a long time, it's advisable that this valve is shut off


GI Line

Galvanised Iran Line

Service Regulator (SR)

ServIce Regulator (SR) is enclosed in a box and installed at the emrance of the society. One SR caters to up to 100 or more houses.SR reduces the incoming Pressure from 4 Barg to 110 mBarg and in case of sudden & large leakage, it autormaEcally shuts the supply.


Pressure 4 Barg

  • (P.E. Mains)

Pressure 110 mBarg (P.E. Service Line)


Tapping Saddle

RCC Guard and Transition Fitting

PE pipe comes out of the ground and connects to transition fining which connects to GI Pipe. Short length of PE pipe coming out of ground is protected from external impact by RCC guard.

Suraksha House

Home Appliance

Gas Tap

Gas Tap is installed just before the rubber tube.(Wire braided flexible hose). This tap stops gas supply to your stove/gas appliance. It is advisable to shut this valve when any gas operated appliance is not in use. This must be shut down every night without fail.

Copper / GI Line

Pressure 21 mBarg

Surrender your LPG - Notification

As per the Govt. Of India’s notification of The Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Regulation of Supply and Distribution) Order, 2000 as amended vide notification (Notification no. GSR 655(E)) dated September 10, 2009 according to which supply of domestic LPG to PNG customers is a prohibited activity. It is therefore advisable to surrender your LPG connection. On surrender of your LPG connection you will receive a special “Safe Custody Termination Voucher” from your LPG Dealer along with the deposit amount mentioned in the voucher. You can again get LPG connection anytime and anywhere from any of the Public Sector Oil Companies against this Voucher.