Domestic PNG

  • Is Piped Natural Gas, as a domestic fuel, better than LPG?

    Yes, Piped Natural Gas (PNG) is definitely a better fuel for your kitchen, then LPG. PNG gives you the advantage of an uninterrupted supply, saves you from the effort of booking a refill or changing cylinders, and helps you enjoy more kitchen space, as PNG reaches you through pipelines. Moreover, no pilferage is experienced in case of PNG, as the invoicing is done for the exact quantity of PNG utilized by he customer as per the meter reading.

  • Is the supply of PNG regular?

    The supply is absolutely regular. The pipeline distribution network is based on an on-line supply system which consists of safety valves and regulators that control and monitor the gas supply and pressure, and assist in identifying system leaks. Thus, an uninterrupted supply at requisite pressure is provided.

  • What changes are required for conversion of an LPG appliance to be PNG friendly? Is any change in the burner needed?

    To convert an existing LPG appliance to run on PNG, the jet of the burner needs to be changed, which is done by trained technicians of the gas company or gas equipment supplier. After this small modification of the burner, the cooking appliance running on LPG can work on PNG, smoothly.

  • What will happen to the LPG cylinders after the cooking appliance get converted to PNG?

    As per the Govt. Of India’s notification of The Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Regulation of Supply and Distribution) Order, 2000 as amended vide notification (Notification no. GSR 655(E)) dated September 10,2009, Supply of domestic LPG to PNG customer is a prohibited activity. It is therefore advisable to surrender your LPG connection .On surrender of your LPG connection you will receive a special “Safe Custody Termination Voucher” from your LPG Dealer along with the deposit amount mentioned in the voucher. You can again get LPG connection anytime and anywhere in the country from any of the Public Sector Oil Companies against this Voucher.

  • What is the system of invoicing?

    Invoicing is based on the meter readings taken by the authorized staff of the company. The invoices are then prepared and delivered at the customer’s premises once in two months.

  • How are customer queries and complaints attended to?

    Company provides round-the-clock customer support through engineers and trained technicians located at various control rooms. Please contact Customer Care Help-desk for any emergency or Customer Care Service.

  • Where can I inform in case I am not using gas for long duration?

    There is a provision of temporary disconnection and reconnection of PNG service to take care of non- usage of gas for long durations. This is done to ensure safety of connection and avoidance of any leakage in house because of any damage to pipeline. It is therefore advisable that you inform us at our Customer Care Office or call up on Customer Care Help-desk clearly mentioning the period for which the gas is not going to be used.

  • What if my house was locked when meter reader came?

    If the meter reading is not taken as per your invoicing cycle, we will assess your old invoices to arrive on your average gas consumption based on which an Estimated invoice shall be sent to the actual reading shall be sent with necessary adjustments for the previous invoice.

  • What is an estimated invoice?

    Estimated invoice is raised based on your average gas consumption in the past. “Estimated Invoice” is clearly mentioned on the left hand side of such gas invoice. Adjustment for estimated invoice is done in your subsequent invoices based on actual meter reading.

  • How to give meter reading through telephone?

    You have the convenience of providing your meter reading to our customer care representative by simply calling our Customer Care Help-desk or you can send SMS to us.

    Type- READ < Meter Reading><Customer Id> and send to 9727097270

  • How to get a duplicate invoice?

    You can request duplicate invoice copy by calling up our Customer Care Help-desk and duplicate invoice will be sent to you. You can also visit our AGL offices and get duplicate invoice.

  • I made my payment through drop boxes but the invoice is showing arrears, what should I do?

    In the event invoice shows arrears/pending payment while you have made the payment, kindly send us the proof of the payment (copy of your Bank statement showing the debited cheque ) to our offices. Necessary corrections shall be made in the invoice.

  • What is to be filled in the counter foils and why?

    Please fill in the details of the payments of cheque number, bank name and its branch. By filling the complete details you help us in serving you better.

  • What is E-Invoice?

    You can now receive the invoice on your E-mail Id by registering for E-Invoice. By doing this you can reduce the paper wastage and help us to save environment.