Save energy at home while cooking and heating

woman cooking at home

  • Any vegetables will cook in a shorter duration in pressure cookers than in open utensils, use pressure cooker in cooking
  • Do not leave the gas burner on for long durations while heating your food. Make sure you light your stove only when you are ready with your cut vegetables and ingredients. This helps in saving energy during the waiting period.
  • If you can use pressure cookers for cooking, choose those over frying pans or open utensils as they require lesser gas and use lesser energy to cook your meals.
  • The lesser water you use in your cooking, the more energy you will save. Water takes a longer time to evaporate, hence use lesser amount of water in your cooking
  • When boiling anything, save more fuel by keeping a small flame once your meal has reached boiling point
  • Cover all your pots and pans while cooking
  • If you see an orange or yellow flame, it means there is carbon around your flame and gas is being wasted
  • When using a geyser for heating water, do not keep your geyser on for long durations
  • Make sure you fill your buckets with hot water and then turn off your geyser while not in use
  • Gas geysers are instant geysers and thus you do not need to keep them turned on for long durations to get hot water